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About the game

Experience the thrilling world of Ultimate Assassins, a persistent text-based mafia game where your ultimate goal is to reach the TOP! Compete against other players as you climb the ranks, becoming more powerful, amassing wealth, and eliminating your rivals.

Start your journey by engaging in exciting activities like GTA (car theft), high-speed chases to outrun the cops, petty thefts, challenging missions, and much more - all designed to earn you quick cash.

As you progress through the ranks, each promotion brings rewards of cash and bullets, while unlocking exciting new features. But beware, your success is not without risks! Be wary of other players seeking to assassinate you and steal your hard-earned progress.

Top 5 Players

Username Rank
Welmer 1Enemy Of The State
FranklinSaintEnemy Of The State
PoseidonGlobal Threat
EgomaniaGlobal Threat
Carl 2Global Threat

Live Game Feed

cherrycoca1994 stole $61 from the local shop
cherrycoca1994 stole $1274 from a supermarket
cherrycoca1994 stole $1425 from a jewellery store
cherrycoca1994 stole $1931 from a house
cherrycoca1994 stole $66 from the local shop
cherrycoca1994 stole a Nokia 10
cherrycoca1994 held up a gas station and made off with $254